"Serious and rare": Charlotte comments on expenses probe into Tory MP

Commenting on today’s findings from IPSA following an expenses probe into Johnny Mercer MP, Charlotte Holloway, Labour and Co-operative Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Moor View said:

“The findings of this expenses probe are both serious and rare; Mr Mercer has been found to have broken the rules on claiming public money. His dismissive statement today choses to blames everyone but himself.

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Tory MP says he wouldn't vote Tory

This evening our Tory MP Mr Mercer has said he wouldn't vote for his own party if he wasn't a politician, and branded his Government a "sh*t show". A few initial thoughts from me...

This is a dire state of affairs from Mr Mercer. He is openly admitting he no longer believes in the Conservative values he was elected on. This is an MP who has recently taken a second highly paid job, bunks off key committee sessions, and now says he wouldn’t even vote for his own party.

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Mr Mercer misses parliamentary duties to appear on TV show

News that our Tory MP bunked off parliament early has made the national media. I shared your views that people here in Plymouth aren't impressed that our Conservative MP clocked off early to chase the limelight. To add fuel to the fire, he missed an opportunity to grill the new Health Secretary on growing waiting lists and the primary health care crisis we are facing here in Plymouth. Read my comments in the Daily Mirror.

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