Charlotte pushes for pensioners to be at heart of Plymouth Labour local election manifesto


When I was selected as Labour’s parliamentary candidate, I was clear I wanted to put the needs of older people in Plymouth at the top of local political priorities. That’s why I’m delighted to have worked with local Labour Councillors to ensure that Plymouth Labour has a “10 Point Plan for Pensioners” to improve the lives of older Plymothians. 

I asked Tudor Evans, Leader of the Labour Group, to prioritise the things that older people were telling me when I spoke to them on the doorstep and in their messages to me. Included in the Pensioners Plan are pledges to build more bungalows, a new charter for older people, and additional support to Adult Social Care. The manifesto also contains a new action plan to tackle the growing problem of loneliness and social isolation across the generations. The pensioners’ pledges comes ahead of our full manifesto launching next month.

Cllr Tudor Evans, Leader of the Labour Group in Plymouth, said “I’m delighted to be able to launch our Plan for Pensioners in the city. Plymouth has an ageing population and the Labour Party in Plymouth has a plan to tackle challenges head on - that’s why it’s a thread that runs through our entire 100 Pledge manifesto.”

Cllr Evans added "These pledges show that Labour locally is listening hard to the concerns of local people, with practical, deliverable solutions. These pledges will make a real difference in improving the lives of older Plymothians."

In a statement that went to local press and media, I said: "I’m particularly pleased to see a focus on tackling loneliness. I’ve seen first hand the growing problem of social isolation here in Plymouth. As Labour's new parliamentary candidate for the north of Plymouth, I will continue to campaign on policies to ensure people in Plymouth can be healthier and happier in later life, and that means more than money – it means all of us reaching out to our neighbours and working together in our communities."

Check out the ten points below:

1. For older people Labour will support the building of new bungalows and extra care facilities.
2. Labour would like to see if schools would welcome the opportunity to work with senior citizens in settings such as residential homes, clubs and community centres to increase awareness of issues that cross the generations.
3. Labour will take immediate steps to call a Health and Social Care Summit to address the crisis in provision in our city. This will include primary care concerns raised by voters of all ages about access to GPs and dentists.
4. Labour will continue to train Council staff in dementia awareness and encourage other public bodies to do the same.
5. Labour will sign up to the UNISON ethical care charter, which provides for proper standards of care for vulnerable people in their own homes.
6. Labour will consult our city’s older citizens to develop a charter for older people in Plymouth that will cover the full range of services they use.
7. Labour will work with the NHS, the third sector and pharmacists to create a network of health and well-being centres across the city to make good health advice available across Plymouth to deliver good health in your high street.
8. Loneliness is a growing problem, and its effects were highlighted by the late Labour MP Jo Cox. Far too many people in Plymouth face life in isolation without human contact. We will work with charities, social care providers and others to publish an action plan to ease loneliness.
9. Labour will start a programme to improve access for people in wheelchairs by providing more dropped kerbs and make it easier to get around.
10. Labour will support WASPI women (women born in the 1950s) in their fight for pension justice.