Inflation is hitting poorest families hardest


Today, the Office for National Statistics issued their latest inflation figures and it's not pretty reading if you live in a low or middle income household.

While inflation overall stayed at 3%, there are concerning trends beneath this headline figure. Food and drink prices increased at a worrying rate of 4.1%, hitting hardest those with least. The ONS said the bulk of the pressure on inflation last month came from vegetables - rising 5.7% on an annual basis.

When prices of everyday items rise far quicker than wages, we have a problem. For many households in Plymouth Moor View, these price rises come as pay packets are squeezed and benefits frozen. And that’s not to mention Universal Credit rollout which will impact working and non-working households alike right across our constituency.

Dave Prentis, the General Secretary of Unison, is spot on when he said today that “The government needs to take action in next week’s budget, ensure the pay cap is lifted and give public service employees a decent wage rise.”

I shared my concerns on Twitter earlier today, and my comment was picked up by the Guardian live news blog which is well worth a read more broadly.