Read my latest Plymouth Herald column on being a new mum in politics

My latest column in Plymouth Live on being a new mum in politics talks about why it's not right that Plymouth children don't get their fair share compared to children in other parts of the country, and why too many people have lost faith that the next generation will do better than the last.

That, and my constant struggle trying not to leave the house covered in baby sick.

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Charlotte writes to care company who fine workers £50 for calling in sick

An investigation by the Guardian published today has uncovered evidence of cases in which Newcross Healthcare Solutions has failed to pay its employees if they cancel shifts because of illness without 24 hours’ notice, and has also docked money from their pay. Charlotte Holloway has written to the General Manager of Newcross Health’s Plymouth Office to ask for assurances that Plymouth care workers are not and will not be affected by these fines.

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Over 11,500 households with older people in Plymouth could lose free TV licence

A new analysis by the House of Commons Library for the Labour Party has revealed that over 11,000 households in Plymouth are at risk of losing their free TV licences, 7,000 of them with someone aged 80 or over.

Millions of older people across the country are set to lose their TV licence in 2020 despite the Conservatives promising in their 2017 general election manifesto to protect free TV licences until 2022.

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Labour's Charlotte Holloway on victory in saving HMS Bulwark and Albion

Commenting on news that HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark are saved from the latest round of defence cuts, Charlotte Holloway, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Moor View said:

“Today is a big news day for Plymouth - I’m delighted that it's been announced that HMS Albion and HMS Bulwark have been saved from this Tory Government's proposed cuts.

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Charlotte writes to Police Commissioner and Conservative MP on crime rises

Today, Charlotte Holloway, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Plymouth Moor View, has written to the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner and our Conservative MP Mr Mercer to ask questions about recent crime increases, raising particular concerns on crimes that disproportionately affect women as well as Public Order Offences. 

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