I am a Plymothian born and raised, and raising my family here. Grandad started my family’s connection to Plymouth through his military service in the navy and was part of the D-Day landings, and mum was a nurse here.

I am from working-class roots and was a Plymouth school girl when a Labour Government last took power, 26 years ago. I remember how the country felt, how our city changed, after that election. I grew up believing that aspiration was normal, that opportunity was open to all, regardless of your background. It was thanks to a Labour Government that I was the first of my family to go to university, securing a place at Cambridge.

Things got better. They can again.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been working in policy, tech and business at a national level. But it’s for Plymouth and for Labour that my fire burns the brightest.

I’m proud to be a campaigning Labour and Co-operative Councillor, winning the most marginal seat in the city, and have a track record of restoring bus links, public safety, housing policy and more. I’m proud to have worked for shadow ministers during the pandemic helping to shape national policy affecting millions in an unprecedented period. I’m also proud to have stood for Parliament here at the last election, where our vibrant, active campaign outperformed other Brexit seats. I’ve been a party member since 2008, have worked on four general election campaigns, and believe in the importance of actively campaigning for Labour values in the difficult times as well as the good.

Nothing would mean more to me than representing the people of my home city and giving back to the place which has given me so much. We must urgently repair the damage caused by this scorched earth Conservative Government and heal the pain and divisions felt by the people and communities that we care about.

I am ready to fight and I am ready to win.

My experience