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A Labour Government changed lives for plymothians like me. 

Things got better, and they can again.

I’ve spent 15 years working in policy, tech and business at a national level. But it’s for Plymouth and for Labour that my fire burns the brightest.

I’m proud to be a campaigning Labour and Cooperative Councillor, to have worked for shadow ministers during the pandemic, and to have stood for Parliament here at the last election, where our vibrant, active campaign outperformed other Brexit seats.

This is not a training ground for the untested. With your support to be our next Labour MP in Plymouth Moor View, I’m ready to fight and ready to win.

Charlotte Holloway in West Park, photographed for The Observer 

Why Johnny Mercer won’t want you to pick Charlotte Holloway:

Charlotte is well known across Plymouth Moor View, AND brings over 15 years national experience in policy and campaigning.

We don’t beat Johnny Mercer by playing to his tune.

We win with a positive, credible alternative, showing how Labour will improve someone’s life here.

We win by demonstrating we are a city with a bright future ahead, refusing the Tory label of communities in decline.

I know our communities inside out, and want to bring Labour’s offer to life here like never before. 

Charlotte has the proven experience to hit the ground running as an effective candidate and MP